COVID-19 Update: Lower Risk Strategies in a Volatile Market

Craig Watkins |

During these challenging times, it is helpful to put the market in perspective and review options available to you.

Let’s start by peeling back the layers of the last few weeks of the COVID-19 crisis.  We know we embarked on these challenging times within a record-breaking market.  GDP was rising, unemployment was at a 50-year low and we saw records broken of market heights!  Fast forward and we have what can best be described as a natural disaster.  With a ¼ of the U.S. economy offline and 29% of GDP output gone in one month, we realize it is like someone flipped a light switch.  We know going into this disaster we were in a much stronger position as an economy than we were in 2008-our last market disaster.  One thing to remember though-it takes time to recover.  We are resilient and we will bounce back.  When our light switch is turned back on, we will discover some of our light bulbs are burned out.  Not all our lights in the house will come back on when we come out of this.  Here at CFG, we are constantly coming up with ways to ensure the lights that don’t come back on are switched out with brighter bulbs.  We implore you to continue to communicate with us which bulbs aren’t coming back on in your house, so we can figure out what type of new, brighter bulb we can replace them with for you.

Each person has a sector of their long-term plan we have designed for them with principal protected strategies, as well as what we consider lower risk strategies.  Some people may find themselves still over funded with respect to their long-term plan, others may find they have losses and be interested in spreading out those losses over an extended amount of time to find themselves with the prospect of guaranteed lifetime income through strategy provisions.  There are options for you!

Some may say, I need to see recovery before I can feel good about acting upon a new strategy.  Remember up above I mentioned it will take time for GDP, unemployment and the economy as a whole to regain traction.  What is the harm in waiting you ask?  Which color of this graph would you like to be a part of?

Here at CFG, we are a fond of the color green!  We would rather see reliability of income than try to account for “timing” the market.  We have available options to ensure we design reliability of income to be counted on for the long term.  The time is now.  An Annuity, which can guarantee a steady stream of income, with tax deferred growth potential working for you on the sidelines-can be an option for you! 

Please feel free to forward this to friends and family.  I am available as a sounding board for any friend or family member you think could benefit from having a financial sounding board.  Please contact me with their information let them know I will reach out to them directly.  I value your business, trust and friendship. 






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The graph/example shown is for illustrative purposes only and is not reflective of a specific account or product. Rates may vary.  Annuities are best suited for long term investors.  Withdrawals from an annuity prior to age 59 ½ may be subject to an additional 10% tax penalty as well as possible surrender charges. Guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the underlying insurance company.
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