Important CFG update for May and turn up the Technology, Part 1

Craig Watkins |

As we begin the month of May, we would like to bring you up to date on this volatile market we have been experiencing.  We would also like to take the opportunity to explore your technological readiness for this increasingly digital age.  This is a three-part series, look for part 2 of exploring your technological readiness next week! 

As we embark on a new month-

1. Keep your plan in line with your Retirement-To stay comfortable in knowing your risk tolerance is coupled with your financial goals for all the years of your retirement, we need to make sure your plan is aligned with your preferences.  If you think you need to retire sooner than planned, we may need to make certain adjustments to your plan.  Just as on the other hand, if you decide to defer retirement until many years later than planned, we may need to make certain adjustments to your plan. 

2. Education is important-We will always stress the importance of education.  It is imperative you are educated about your plan and the investments contained therein.  You need to understand what types of holdings are contained within your plan and the inherent overview of the strategy(ies) chosen for you.  In this way, you will understand the behavior of the assets relative to the market and your risk tolerance.

3. Learn to turn it off-We have documented the numerous reasons why you should not confuse yourself with the barrage of articles and media information.  Media tends to dramatize events to entice coverage levels.  We don’t deny we entered a Bear market on March 12th and have been weathering the volatility ever since.  As previously discussed with you in prior emails these last few weeks, we have seen the market dip 16 times since 1926.  In each of these instances historically speaking, we have seen the market rebound every time! 

The average length of retirement is 25 years.  During your retirement, you will need to maintain your custom income distribution plan we have created for you.  In light of the changing times, we are going to see an increase in the use of technology when communicating with others.  In order to plan for effective communications, you may need to upgrade and prepare your current home computer equipment to be able to embrace the ever-critical technological times we are entering!  We all need to be prepared to conduct video conference meetings, store important financial information and of course lots of pictures of the grandkids!  Cornerstone Financial Group has embraced Cisco’s Webex video conferencing system as one way to provide for a seamless, protected and convenient way of communicating with our clients.  If you haven’t already conducted a video conferencing meeting with us, when you have a moment, please contact us-Carrie would appreciate the opportunity to conduct a test meeting with you to show you all the wonderful benefits this system provides for client communication.

If you are unsure whether you have the necessary equipment to carry you through your retirement and the technology needs that will ensure during that time, please take a moment to consider the components you currently own and access whether you know how to use them, or where to seek classes or instruction to be able to utilize your software and hardware you currently own.  Next week we will look at important considerations for what type of technology you need within your home, which will carry you throughout your retirement years.  We will cover computer specifications and important features in this 3-part series, as well.  Keep in mind, if you do not own a computer and the thought of owning one is daunting to you-consider an Apple iPad.  This is a very user-friendly device to own and the Apple store has free classes and online videos to show you how to use it and all the fun features which come with it!

We invite you to share this with your family and friends-remember, I make myself available as a sounding board for your family and friends.  I am happy to reach out on your behalf, send me their contact info and let them know I will be reaching out to them.  This is a value-added service I provide to all my clients.  These are challenging times and we are all in this together!



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