Part 2, Technology Readiness in the Digital COVID-19 Era

Craig Watkins |

This is week two, of our three-part series regarding embracing critical technology to carry you through all the stages of retirement.  This week we will touch on what types of technological devices are required to carry you through your retirement and the type/level of service necessary to enable them to work effectively for you.  Next week we will dive deeper into what types of considerations, in other words, “bells and whistles” you should look for, to make sure you have purchased equipment that will stand the test of time along with your income distribution plan we created for you!  (Don’t have one?  Don’t worry, we can start the conversation today to ensure you have reliable retirement income, so you can pursue all your retirement dreams today-click here!)

There are two options you have in deciding what type of equipment you need:

1. Computer or Laptop-you can choose either to have a stationary desk-top style computer which will sit more permanently in an office or library area of your home.  You can also choose to have a laptop computer, which is not stationary and can be easily moved around the house and taken on trips or to meetings-such as those with your favorite financial advisor!

2. Tablet-you can also choose to not have a computer and utilize a tablet.  There are many tablets out there and they are not all created equal in capability and ease of use.  If you decide to go the route of tablet, it does allow you to skip the learning curve required of a computer and allow you to instead pursue classes through a provider, such as Apple.  We highly recommend if you decide to go this route, you purchase an Apple iPad.  An Apple iPad is very user-friendly, allowing you to store data, conduct video conference meetings, and contains an array of exciting features.  Apple provides many free classes to teach you how to use your tablet and videos to enhance your experience with using the tablet.

Once you have decided what type of product best suits your lifestyle and preference, the next step is to ensure you have adequate service to use this technology with.  Please keep in mind, at this point we have not discussed the features, essential product considerations for choosing the exact computer or tablet.  It is important you first consider your lifestyle and location, to determine what internet service provider best suits your needs. 

Internet Service Provider Considerations you will need:

Some geographic areas are tougher than others to obtain a good internet signal.  You don’t want to obtain all the equipment you need and not be able to use it!  With regard to your equipment, you want to look for a computer which has great Wi-Fi built into it.  Wi-Fi is usually listed as a/c or b/g/n.  You will want to look for (802.11ac Wi-Fi), as a good Wi-Fi indicator in a computer.  Next, make sure your internet speed is adequate for video conferencing.  You need to make sure your internet supports at least 8 Mbps download/1.5 Mbps upload.  If you aren’t sure, you can conduct a speed test of your internet by measuring your internet at:  This free website will let you know where your internet speed stands and whether you need to upgrade.  If so, you can call and inquire with your internet service provider about how to obtain this effective upload/download combination.  Two of the most popular internet service providers are AT&T and Comcast.  Depending on where you live, one provider may have superior service over another.  They all offer various tiers of service plans for you to choose from.  The importance of your internet service provider being able to deliver the above described upload/download speed is of paramount importance when selecting an internet service provider.

Next week we will dive deeper into what types of features and considerations to ensure your equipment works effectively for you!  Until then, please share this information with family and friends-it is important we stay connected in this increasingly digital age.  If you have questions, or would like to test your video conference skills, contact us today! 



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