Before you retire...

At Cornerstone Financial Group, we strive to Plan First, Invest Second™.   With this in mind, we have put together a checklist of 10 items, to help you assess your retirement!  We continually approach our planning process with a wholistic approach.  We consider your critical life events, what it will take for you to have reliable income through every stage of your retirement and always leave a little room for life's "what-ifs".  We pride ourselves on continually monitoring and adjusting this plan to consistently fit your lifestyle and comfort level.  Please take a moment to review this list

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Part 3-Technology Readiness in the Digital COVID-19 Era

This week brings us to week 3 of our 3-part series on embracing technology in these challenging times!  We explained the importance of embracing technology in this increasingly digital age brought upon us by the Coronavirus, what type of equipment can facilitate this for you and what service provider and level of service is required.  If you have missed any of the previous parts to the series, please see here, as we have listed them together for your reference on the special Coronavirus page of our website.

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Part 2, Technology Readiness in the Digital COVID-19 Era

This is week two, of our three-part series regarding embracing critical technology to carry you through all the stages of retirement.  This week we will touch on what types of technological devices are required to carry you through your retirement and the type/level of service necessary to enable them to work effectively for you.  Next week we will dive deeper into what types of considerations, in other words, “bells and whistles” you should look for, to make sure you have purchased equipment that will stand the test of time along with your income distribution plan we created for you!  (Don

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Supporting Local Mother Lode Area Restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis

We realize a lot of small businesses have taken a hit during this challenging time-probably one of the hardest hit industries of the COVID crisis.  We also realize you may have problems finding items to cook with, or you are too busy adapting to your new way of life at home to have time to cook.  Please join us in considering purchasing a gift card from or enjoy a day off from cooking, by patronizing one of these local restaurants! 

Surrounding Mother Lode area-

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COVID-19 Update for Small Business Assistance Information


If you or someone you know has a small business, there are a variety of financial aid and assistance programs available right now aimed to help take some of the burden off you, the small business owner.  Here at Cornerstone Financial Group, we strive to stay updated with information which can help you maximize your financial future.  In times such as this, it is important to reach out and connect, to help ensure the pursuit of your long-term business goals. 

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