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Cybersecurity - Your Account Security with CFG

January 28, 2022

At Cornerstone Financial Group, we make data integrity and data security a top priority. As such, we have taken many steps to ensure your data is protected from attack and that it is never sold or re-distributed.

Local Security

All Cornerstone Financial Group computers are running the latest version of Windows with no shared credentials. Additionally, mobile devices used for businesses, are fully encrypted, screen locked and able to be remotely wiped in case they are lost or stolen.

Cloud Security

At Cornerstone Financial Group, we use multiple cloud-based solutions that were built for financial professional all housed within the United States. When data is transmitted, it flows over encrypted channels and is secured with 256bit encryption from leading SSL providers. Access to the data is secured using with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) on top of the traditional username/password authentication. All cloud providers submit to 3rd party security audits as part of their dedication to data security.

Secure Email Communication

At Cornerstone Financial Group, we offer you a secure way to ensure your information is protected, so you can feel confident sending us personal information pertinent to your account(s) here at CFG. This opportunity to send information via an encrypted platform, allows you to conveniently share information with us, without concern for interception/manipulation or modification by a third-party. To assist you with understanding how to utilize this platform, we have created a SMARSH Email Encryption Client Overview.

In today's fast-paced digital age, staying safe online is crucial for us all. Cybersecurity might sound complex, but it's just like locking your doors at home to keep intruders out.Click HERE to read our blog post about how you can protect your own digital world.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about how your accounts and personal information are protected.