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What Do Clients Expect at CFG?

Your retirement journey is something you have been preparing for many years! What should you expect now that you are here? A tailored relationship to carry you through all the different stages of your retirement, encompassing all of what matters most to you! You may be thinking of retiring early due to the pandemic-we invite you to touch base with us to see where you are at. Let's take a look at what that means, here at Cornerstone Financial Group click on the video, to view what you should expect as a client here at CFG! We can't wait to start the conversation with you, contact us today!

What's in your Financial Pantry?

We all have a financial pantry of sorts, whether it is organized is the key question! Cornerstone Financial Group takes great pride in helping you organize your financial pantry, so you are free to pursue your retirement goals.

Critical Financial Events

At Cornerstone Financial Group, we have developed our Questpoint FORMula to assist you in maintaining a lasting retirement journey. Accounting for all of what matters most to you, as well as critical life events, so you can experience a lasting income distribution strategy, which will carry you throughout your retirement journey-thus, allowing you to concentrate on pursuing your long-term retirement goals!

The 3 Stages of Retirement

Have you ever heard our analogy of the 3 stages of a retired person’s life? It’s true, you transition from one day going on endless vacations into sticking close to home, taking day trips, perhaps purchasing a comfortable chair to watch their favorite TV show. Just as your life unfolds and your needs evolve, our proprietary process, the Questpoint FORMula, is there to carry you through all the stages of your retirement.

Questpoint FORMula

Cornerstone Financial Group was founded with one very specific goal; to provide Panoramic Strategic Financial Planning Services for individuals, businesses and business owners. At Cornerstone Financial Group, our team of financial advisors has an enlightened philosophy around all things financial. Utilizing our proprietary process, The Questpoint FORMula, we focus on what matters most to you and together what we can control, guiding you through a fluid and dynamic planning strategy. We discover, design and deploy all the pieces of your financial puzzle, in pursuit of your specific goals. We realize there are over 120 different things we can do for a client. We have successfully integrated these items into our 7 Pillars, to account for all that is relevant to you now, as well as other items that will become relevant as your life unfolds and your needs evolve.

Cornerstone Financial Group has over 45 years of combined financial planning experience to help you navigate and understand the complexities of your unique retirement journey. Whether you’re planning your retirement, aspiring to a work-optional lifestyle, or just reviewing your 401(k) plan…Cornerstone Financial Group and our Questpoint FORMula will keep your financial future from going adrift.

Mt. Everest

This video shares with you an interesting analogy between retirement planning and climbing Mt. Everest.

Donor Advised Funds

This video shares some of the benefits of considering a donor advised fund for any charitable giving you may do.

Where did all that money go?

An interesting video created shortly after the 2008 Financial Crisis.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

A powerful video discussing one of the most unselfish things you can do.

Asset Cycle Portfolio System®

This video shares a short explanation of retirement income planning using our Asset Cycle Portfolio System.

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