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Cybersecurity-Protect your Information!

October 13, 2022

Cyber Security   

 InformationCyber Security Tips

Attached here are two valuable hand-outs from our Value-Added Client Event to help ensure you stay Cyber-Safe!

October is Cybersecurity Awareness month!  We had 2 clients fall victim to identity theft last month.  We implore you to triple check any emails, text messages and phone calls you receive to ensure their legitimacy!  Hackers and malicious attacks are increasingly hard to spot.  Please remember, Social Security, the IRS, will always mail information to you-they will never request you to provide personal information electronically.  If you are in doubt, please call your service provider to confirm they are requesting sensitive information from you electronically.  It's ok to ask to come in and provide this information in-person.    

Please also be aware, we will personally need to speak to you to verify any requests regarding your financial accounts.  In almost all cases, signatures will be needed for most account requests and we verify these signatures and follow up with voice or in-person verification, to continuously ensure your personal information is secure and protected.  

Here at Cornerstone Financial Group, we protect your information through secure cloud-based storage and two-factor authentication throughout all our systems here at Cornerstone Financial Group.  Please contact us if you would like more information on how we secure your personal information.  

As one of our Value-Added Client Service Events, some of you may have attended our Cybersecurity Webinar, where we were given tool and tips to secure our sensitive personal information and steps you can take to protect your identity.