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What is a Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional?

What is a Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional? Someone who has experience assisting with financial planning, allowing us to better serve our Cornerstone clients. Someone who facilitates a multitude of tasks associated with financial planning services and assists the financial advisor in offering possible solutions for our clients. Ultimately, we engage in a relationship with you, so you are not just another client for our firm. We know get to know not just your names, but also everything about your kids or your parents and all the other issues around “family” that matter to you. We have detailed, personal discussions…Not just about what’s important today but also what’s important for the future…Is retirement where you are headed? Or is it striving to achieve that work optional lifestyle … and what’s on the “bucket list” … Our focus is always on what matters most to our clients and the things that we can control, recognizing that there is a distinct difference between the “why” and the “how” of financial planning and wealth management.